Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Steve's Pizza

Let’s face it, Miami isn’t known for their pizza but what are they known for other than their beaches and babes? All they really have are chain pizza joints which aren’t that good to begin with. Being from Philly and growing up with pizza as a constant in my life I craved some good neighborhood pizza where the slices are bigger than my head. Well never fear because I found a great pizza shop just like home, Steve’s Pizza! It’s a great little place that reminds me of what I grew up with located at 12101 Biscayne Blvd in North Miami at NE 123rd St.

Steve’s has huge individual slices and it’s open until 3am on the weekdays and 4am on the weekends. Not only do they have pizza but they have an extensive Italian menu which includes hoagies, spaghetti, ziti, pasta, and salads. But let’s face it; it’s all about the pizza! The sauce is sweet, the crust is amazing, the cheese is gooey, and each slice is a monstrosity. The atmosphere is very laid back with a casual setting with no waiters so don’t be afraid to make yourself at home. They have Miss Pac-Man in the corner and graffiti on the wall, so don’t be afraid to leave your mark. There’s no other pizza in Miami compares.