Saturday, November 21, 2009

Archetypes on Acid

This article explains the evolution from arcades to at home play. It became cheaper and more convenient to play at home. There is no rush to finish so that the people behind you can have a turn, you don’t have to keep feeding quarters to a machine, and females feel more comfortable playing at home. Video games aren’t just for children, there are also many adults that play and even share with their kids. Some families even play together for bonding time. You become fascinated with games easily and early with all its bright flashing lights that draw you into it. It is also an imitative experience and you learn from observing and mimicking others behaviors. Even from the basic of basic video games they all portray the good guy trying to overcome the bad guy. The games have become an art form containing the cultural archetypes of all human knowledge. None the less video games have become more enjoyable and adapted to our every changing society, we still love the classics and everything was driving from them. I am playing Super Mario and that is a classic but goodie. There’s a reason why they are still making Mario games, and it’s not for its graphics.

Art for the Digital Age

This article looks at different aspects from how the computer has affected the gaming system to how it affects children. The graphics have changed and will continue to do so as time goes on. More and more kids want to become video game designers rather than filmmakers. Games are a new lively art. The game environments are so realistic that they convey a powerful sense of mood. Games are becoming more and more important to children because it’s not like the old days anymore where all the kids go out and play until they are told to come home. There is no more grass to play on and parents don’t want their children playing in the street, therefore they have taken to the media and video games. They can play by themselves or in groups which can develop leadership and teamwork, or make a kid that feels unwanted, wanted. However, video games can get a bad reputation for their violence which some people may think has caused tragic events. This phenomenon is most defiantly an art form from its incredible graphics to the emotions we feel.

It's a Video Game, But is it Art?

This article discusses the facts of video games indeed being an art form. They have the emotion, tension, and climax just as any other art form such as movies. Indeed there has been a rapid evolution in video games and have changed drastically. There is human emotion, gamers get so involved and wrapped into their characters they feel as though they are in the game themselves. When you (the character) work so hard and gets so far then fails in the end the game gets frustrated and angry. It feels as though it is all happening in real life. There is also music to create tension just like movies do to enhance a scene. The grip that video games have on their fans mirrors the way movies mesmerize their audiences. From a personal experience, in the game I am playing, I know once I get into I don’t stop. I could be playing for hours and not even notice it. It’s the urge and need to finish just one last level and not quit until I get it done right. I get very emotionally involved and when I die I get pissed, when I win I’m happy and want that feeling again so I go and try to complete another level.