Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's a Video Game, But is it Art?

This article discusses the facts of video games indeed being an art form. They have the emotion, tension, and climax just as any other art form such as movies. Indeed there has been a rapid evolution in video games and have changed drastically. There is human emotion, gamers get so involved and wrapped into their characters they feel as though they are in the game themselves. When you (the character) work so hard and gets so far then fails in the end the game gets frustrated and angry. It feels as though it is all happening in real life. There is also music to create tension just like movies do to enhance a scene. The grip that video games have on their fans mirrors the way movies mesmerize their audiences. From a personal experience, in the game I am playing, I know once I get into I don’t stop. I could be playing for hours and not even notice it. It’s the urge and need to finish just one last level and not quit until I get it done right. I get very emotionally involved and when I die I get pissed, when I win I’m happy and want that feeling again so I go and try to complete another level.