Saturday, November 21, 2009

Archetypes on Acid

This article explains the evolution from arcades to at home play. It became cheaper and more convenient to play at home. There is no rush to finish so that the people behind you can have a turn, you don’t have to keep feeding quarters to a machine, and females feel more comfortable playing at home. Video games aren’t just for children, there are also many adults that play and even share with their kids. Some families even play together for bonding time. You become fascinated with games easily and early with all its bright flashing lights that draw you into it. It is also an imitative experience and you learn from observing and mimicking others behaviors. Even from the basic of basic video games they all portray the good guy trying to overcome the bad guy. The games have become an art form containing the cultural archetypes of all human knowledge. None the less video games have become more enjoyable and adapted to our every changing society, we still love the classics and everything was driving from them. I am playing Super Mario and that is a classic but goodie. There’s a reason why they are still making Mario games, and it’s not for its graphics.