Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Philly Pretzel Heaven - "It's a sin not to eat them!"

“Few places in the world are easily defined by a single food item, Seattle has coffee, New York has pizza, and Philadelphia has pretzels (along with cheese steaks but who’s counting).” – Philly Pretzel Heaven

Pretzels and cheesesteaks were the two things I missed the most while living in Miami. Every morning in Philly I would get a coffee and soft pretzel but living in Miami I had to do without the pretzel. Whenever I went back home to visit I would always lug back a ton of pretzels but they never lasted long. I introduced soft pretzels to my Miami friends and they fell in love which meant my pretzel stash would go even quicker. Once you get a taste of an authentic soft pretzel from Philly there’s no turning back. You may ask well what about Auntie Anne’s Pretzels? Well of course they have Auntie Anne’s in Miami but compared to a real soft pretzel they’re crap. They are thin, rubbery, and not chewy. Once you go Philly you’ll never go back. And on that note Miami I am proud to introduce you to Philly Pretzel Heaven. The best and I’m pretty sure the only genuine soft pretzel place in South Florida.

Philly Pretzel Heaven
When I first walked into Philly Pretzel Heaven I was skeptical and didn’t expect it to live up to my taste buds but when I took my first bite I was right back on the street of Philly. It was everything I didn’t expect and more. I couldn’t tell the difference between a pretzel purchased from a truck on the streets of Philly and a pretzel from Philly Pretzel Heaven. They have great pretzels for even better prices. They sell soft pretzels, pretzel twisters, pretzel nuggets, pretzel dogs, and pretzel sliders. The owner grew up in northeast Philadelphia so he knows exactly what a real soft pretzel should taste like. They’ve only been open since 2006 but they are doing a darn good job. If you never enjoyed a real soft pretzel I encourage you to go try one and if you’re a Philly transplant, trust me you won’t be disappointed. Philly Pretzel Heaven is located at 5021 South State Road 7, #210 Davie Florida.