Friday, May 13, 2011

Lost Weekend

Need a place to hang out, throw one back, and watch an Eagles game with fellow fans, well Lost Weekend is the place to go. There are a lot of transplants from Philadelphia and New York in Miami so it’s inevitable that there are going to be a few bars to enjoy your hometown teams. Night after night, season after season I would sit in my room (alone or with one/two other fellow fans) and watch the games. Eventually I got tired of locking myself in my room rooting for my home teams; I wanted to be around my crazy adoring fans so out I went braving all the haters and that’s when I found Lost Weekend.

Philadelphia Eagles Fan Club
During Eagles games fans meet weekly at the Lost Weekend in South Beach. It’s a great place to watch the games. Not only do fellow fans gather here it is also a Philadelphia owned sports bar. The games are shown on HDTV and on huge projection screens. It gets very loud in there which makes it feel like home even more and everyone becomes your friends. You find yourself hugging, high-fiving, and celebrating with total strangers which makes the experience so much better. They also serve authentic cheesesteaks on an amoroso roll. What gets better than cheesesteaks and Philly sports!?

Lost Weekend
Located in South Beach at 218 Espanola Way Miami Beach; open until 5am. It’s a great neighborhood bar for locals and tourists. It’s a small place (or a large square) and a little dingy which makes it all the better and more like home. They have an extensive beer selection and ladies drink for free on Wednesdays. They have pool tables, foosball tables, darts, videogames, and a jukebox. The music tends to be mostly rock and a little old school rap here and there. My favorite feature besides the Philly fans and cheap drinks would have to be the chalkboard bar top.