Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cuba Libre & G Lounge

Ms. Miami in Philly
I’m flipping the script…for my next two posts I’m going to take the Philly out of Miami and put the Miami in Philly. I’ve told you my secrets and gave you my favorite hot spots in Miami and now I’m going to give you some of my Miami spots in Philly. For those of you (who are like me) that can’t figure out which side the grass is greener on, these posts are for you…

I’ve been back and forth between Miami and Philadelphia so many times I’ve lost count and each time I’m away from one city I find myself missing it. So when I’m in Philly I need my dose of Miami and vice versa. Miami is big for its nightlife and most places don’t close until 7am but I’m not going to tell you about a never ending club in Philly (they don’t exist). Miami is very culturally diverse and when I’m away from it I start missing the people and sound. Not only do I miss the atmosphere but I miss the sound of bachata blasting out of every store you walk by. No you’re not going to find a little Havana in Philly but you can go to clubs that remind you of South Florida.

G Lounge
The G Lounge reminded me of Miami the second I stepped in from the overpriced cover charge to the music. They played a lot of house music and everyone is well dressed. There are three main bars and lots of seating. You also run into celebrities/athletes at the G. However, it gets packed and the dance floor isn’t that big but people make do. They have a good décor, good looking people, and a pretty cool VIP area. To go to the G Lounge you better be rollin’ like a “G”. It’s located right under Davio’s restaurant at 111 S 17th St in Philadelphia.

Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar
Cuba Libre has more of a Miami feel to it with its palm trees and devotion to Cuban heritage. It is very tropical inside and has an open air setting. Cuba Libre is a restaurant that turns into a Latin nightclub at night. I never ate there but they serve traditional Cuban dishes. Their nightlife is fantastic (if you like Latin music) with nonstop Latin music of all kinds such as tropical dance, salsa, merengue, bachata, and Latin house. They even have professional salsa dancers performing on certain nights. This is my absolute favorite place and make sure to be prepared to dance all night long. Cuba Libre is located in Olde City at 10 S 2nd St.