Friday, June 3, 2011

Miami Café

When I moved back to Philly I craved the flavors of Miami. I missed the diversity, the food, and the music. You can’t find one decent Spanish radio station in Philadelphia, good and authentic Spanish dishes, or walk the streets and hear at least 4 different languages at once. Sometimes I forget I’m back up north and can’t just go off speaking Spanish; it’s English only! I feel restricted and bored; it’s not nearly as entertaining as South Florida. Miami feels like it’s not even a part of the United States; it’s its own country. Don’t get me wrong, I love Philly but the grass is always greener. I may not be able to change the people or the culture but I can find a piece of Miami tucked away somewhere in Philly. I want to immerse myself with Latin food, music, and people so I took on the streets of Philly to find my Miami getaway.

Miami Café
Miami Café is my perfect getaway from the food to the people. It is that piece of South Beach I was searching for. It’s a restaurant and a Latin nightclub rolled into one. They serve excellent Cuban dishes; their signature dishes are copitas de chorizo (sautéed sausage) and pollo planchado (pressed chicken sandwich). They have live entertainment and even offer FREE salsa lessons on Friday nights. Tuesday nights is the only night I would not recommend since its rock night but Thursday’s is ladies night. If you want to dance the night away head upstairs to the Azucar Lounge. Depending on the night the Azucar Lounge plays house, reggaeton, salsa, or bachata and downstairs at Miami Café they are playing rock en Espanol, Latin jazz, or salsa. This place will satisfy any Hispanic or Miami native. You can find Miami Café located at 429 South Street in Philadelphia.