Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Where To Get Your Kicks

If you ask me, Philly is known for their food (cheese stakes) and unique sense of fashion; especially their kicks. I’m going to get off the topic of food, since my last two posts were dedicated towards savory treats and focus on sneakers. In Philly everyone has their own style sense and follows the beat to their own drum whereas in Miami everyone is dressed from head to toe in Ed Hardy (boring). If you’re a real shoe feen or collector then you understand the importance of having fresh and original kicks. I have an extensive collection of kicks and most of them are either limited editions or just really expensive. My favorite brands are Dunks, Chucks, and Supras and I’m always on the hunt for the hottest kicks out there. And once again Miami didn’t have that kind of Philly style, so on the hunt I went. I found two completely different sneaker places: Philly In Miami and MIA Skate Shop.

Philly In Miami
Philly In Miami is a custom sneaker shop located at 1059 Collins Ave in Miami, Florida. This store is a great place to really get one of a kind custom kicks. You can be sure that there isn’t a duplicate out there since you can be the designer of your own shoe. Every shoe is one of a kind and very unique. The artists are very talented and will create anything you can imagine. No two shoes are identical. Not only do they specialize in custom kicks but they also sell mix tapes, clothing, fitted hats, and much more.

MIA Skate Shop
Although a predominant skateboard shop, MIA Skate Shop sells exclusive kicks. Its located on South Beach; 229 9th St Miami Beach, FL. They only sell men’s clothing and footwear but that never stopped me. I’ve found tons of shoes that I fell in love with here and brought them home. I also got a lot of exclusive kicks from here. They carry brands such as Lakai, Enties, Nike SB, Supra, Vans, DVS, ES, Emerica, Adidas, Habitat, Alien Workshop, Girl, Element, and many more. Their apparel consists of element clothing, element shirts, element jackets, element sweaters, and element pants. I love the kicks here; they are always getting new shipments in every month. It’s a very small store tucked away good but that’s what makes it even better, no one really knows about it. I’ve been in so many times they know me by name now, not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. The MIA Skate Shop is my favorite place to purchase kicks from in Miami.