Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Media Literacy

The media has a huge impact on our lives by how we are influenced to how we perceive things. There are five elements of media literacy such as awareness of the impact of media, understanding the process of mass communication, developing strategies, using media to understand contemporary culture and ourselves, and enhanced appreciation and enjoyment of the media. Media literacy is all over the TV from prime time shows to commercials.

We have to be aware of the media and its impact on us because if we’re not it could take over and we would have no thoughts for ourselves. Understanding the messages that are coming across our television screens is very important also. It also can teach us about different values and beliefs. Young people are the most influenced by the media since they are very impressionable. We receive a lot of information through the media and it is up to us to differentiate the truth from the fiction. Between the subliminal messaging and the outrageous lies we have to be able to understand to not be sucked in and realize what is going on.