Saturday, October 10, 2009


Surrogates was another movie that paralleled Existenze. Without giving away too much of the movie I will do my best to explain without spoiling. Humans no longer went outside their homes; instead they sent their surrogates out to keep themselves from harm. You could be anyone you felt like, for example if you are a overweigh male your surrogate could be an attractive powerful female. Your surrogates lived your life for you and it was supposed to be a better and safer way of life. Also there seemed to be very little or none racism; a white guy could be a black guy and there were quite a few African American males in high positions. They were disconnected from the real world but connected to their surrogate. There were also those people who weren’t persuaded to ever get a surrogate. Those who didn’t live their life through a robot they had their own little world in which they lived and hated the other side of the spectrum. You have the believers and non-believers, the real and the fake.