Sunday, October 11, 2009

Violence & Popular Culture

This article is mostly about how my generation, young people, are technology and computer savvy. It also looked at the relationship between violent videogames and the Columbine High School shooting. The internet and the computer are only advancing and a lot of people either don’t know anything about it or know everything. Those who seem to know everything are the young people and the older generation has to rely on us to understand and learn. There are also many people that are looking into a career in computers because of the popularity and necessity. There is good and bad to this new age but there is good and bad to everything one just needs to know the difference and how to sort it. The parents job is to help their children understand the good and the bad and to monitor their usage.

The internet can pose a threat or an ego boost depending how you use it. There are sites out there for kids who feel isolated in their schools but they feel equal when they enter this site. They can find a good and supportive community within the internet that helps them get through the tough times. The popular culture needs to learn to make their own judgments and parents need to understand what their children are doing and why. This will help prevent another catastrophe such as Columbine.