Friday, October 30, 2009

Video Games

The last games we played in class were Grand Theft Auto Vice City, which personally I found pretty boring and pointless, but it did show some stereotypes; Super Smash Brothers, and Wii Play. The game itself wasn’t very interesting to me and I didn’t get the goal or what you were supposed to do in it, but as you go to different parts of town the stereotypes were prevailed. Such as when you went to Little Haiti everyone was just shooting at everyone and they had hydraulics on their cars. As for Super Smash Brothers it was fun and they had all the different characters to choose from. For instance if you were Princess Toadstool she had a frying pan for a weapon, she saved herself from dying with an umbrella and other female stereotypes. The Wii Play games were fun and interactive; you could also choose and create your own character.