Thursday, September 10, 2009


Existenz, or should I say eXistenZ, is a movie about a game designer, Allegra Geller, who is testing out her newest reality game but little does she know her life is in danger. She is fearful that her game is in danger and in order to save it she has to go inside the game with her bodyguard, Ted Pikul. This movie is so intense and confusing even the cinematography is bizarre. There are so many different aspects to this movie from drugs to sex to universal fears.

Most people fear the unknown and want to know everything ahead of time. We need to know the who, what, where, when, and why before it even happens. People are hesitant to make a move if they don’t know the outcome; like in this movie Ted Pikul is afraid to get a bioport installed into his spine. He’s afraid of what might happen as in will he become paralyzed or ever come out of the game the same. All these questions and no answers is frightening; even at the end of the movie there’s this one guy that doesn’t know and wants to know if they are still in the game.

There was even mention of the indirect messaging of the use of drugs. Drugs are addicting and people can’t get enough of it just like in the game where they can’t get enough of it and people get peer pressured into getting a bioport. Also with the sex how they are constantly probing each other with their bioports. This movie was very uncanny and will leave you wanting more and asking questions.