Saturday, September 26, 2009

Super Mario

Finally I picked my game thanks to Victoria, Super Mario 64. In the beginning of the game the princess is talking to Mario telling him to come to the castle because she baked him a cake. Right off the bat it’s sexist that a girl would be baking a cake. Also kind of stereotypical since Mario is Italian stating that he likes to eat. In Whomp’s fortress there is this one part where Mario has to catch a ride on an owl and after he has flown for awhile the owl gets tired and tells Mario to lay off the pasta since he is heavy.

I feel that there is also a parallel to drugs. The princess lives in a mushroom kingdom and a mushroom gives you an extra life. Mario has to go through these hologram paintings that can seem kind of trippy which leads into another world. There is also all these mythical and inanimate objects that come alive and talk to you.