Thursday, September 10, 2009

Culture of Power

The Culture of Power is an article about people in power and how much they affect society and don’t recognize those who are in the marginalized. If you are a white male in today’s society the truth is you have the most power more often than others. People that are in the “norm” or culture of power don’t realize what the people in the margins go through or feel like in intimidating situations. When someone is comfortable in a certain situation their minds often get fogged to how other people feel or what is really going on around them. No matter what your race, gender, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation is at one point of time you have been marginalized.
At least once in your life we are in either the margin or culture of power group. Even if it’s only once when you are in that group of power it is important to open other people’s eyes to what is going on and to influence change. Sometimes it takes someone to step out of their group to realize how others feel and live; we have to step into each other’s shoes to fully understand and change how we view life.
Personally, I have been in the marginalized group plenty of times as well as in the culture of power. For example, in a classroom environment there might be thirty some students in a room and only one professor but the students are still in inferior or marginalized people. We dominate in number but definitely not in authority no matter how old the students or how young the professor. This article really posed some good points and opens your eyes. It was very interesting and inspirational.