Thursday, September 17, 2009

Race & Ethnicity

The race and ethnicity article was educational a kind of interesting. It defined the clear difference between the both since there is always confusing between the two. They are completely different from each other; however, there are some commonalities. Race and ethnicity has a common usage and they are held in the natural category. Also at the end of this article they briefly touched upon nationalism. It talked about how ethnicity and nationalism are related but there is a difference but are often tie together.

Video games can portray race and ethnicity as one in the same. I know in some games there is zombie like people cursing at you in a different language and you have to kill them. So just because they are of a different ethnicity you have to slaughter them. Also there might be a large amount of ‘other’ races but they are the bad guys and die in the end. It is very interesting to see how these articles can tie into video game analysis.