Friday, June 5, 2009

Positions of the Arms

This is an addition to the five basic foot positions. This video is going over some beginning ballet moves and positions. These are the positions for the arms. Your feet and arms follow the five steps together. If your feet are in 3rd position so are your arms. First position, the arms look like you are holding a big ball. Second position, your arms separate mimicking your feet. Third position, one arm goes above your head while the other one extends out to the side. Forth position, your one arm stays above your head while the side arm comes forward. Finally, fifth position both arms go up above your head.

While doing all five of these positions your elbows should stay slightly bent and round. It should be a nice flowing motion from one position to the next. Your arms and feet move together going from 1st position to 5th. It is all one unison movement that is elegant and flows smoothly.