Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Best Living Male Ballet Dancer

Does the name Mikhail “Misha” Baryshnikov ring a bell? Well, what if I told you he starred in the last season of Sex and the City? Ding, Ding, Ding, yes he was Carrie’s boyfriend better known as “the Russian.” I bet you didn’t know he is a famous Russian ballet dancer. He was born in 1948; twelve years later in the 60’s he began to study ballet. After only four years of training he was winning honors and leading roles. Baryshnikov danced for the New York City Ballet in 1978 and continued to get the leading roles. Two years later he became a director of the American Ballet Theater.

His production of the Nutcracker was aired by CBS in 1977, since it is the most popular creation. To this day it is the most popular and sought after performance. He received many awards and nominations throughout his career. Baryshnikov was in many films such as The Turning Point, White Nights, and Sex and the City, even though, he’s divorced, he has three children with a former partner and ballerina.