Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Have To Move On...

Everyone tells me that I should pick up dancing again if I miss it so much, but they just don’t understand. I would love to start it up again but my fear and anxiety gets the best of me. I always hear from my grandmothers and parents that they loved to watch me dance and I looked so elegant and graceful on stage. They tell me they miss seeing me up there and the joy I had in my eyes.

After a few years of no formal training I would be embarrassed to walk back into the dance studio with all the other dedicated dancers. I fell as though that I gave up on my dream and just walked away from it all nonchalantly. My greatest fear would be feeling inadequate compared to the dancers beside me. Besides being terribly horrified, let’s just say… I don’t have my dancer’s body anymore. I might not be overweight but I’m defiantly not in shape anymore. So to sum it up I let my nerves get the best of me and I’m a scaredy cat.

The pointe shoes lie there
Calling for me to come dance
I have to move on
-Abby Taylor